Hot Air Balloons

Balloons 45mm, f/5.6, 1/180s, ISO 800

I dragged myself and a few kids out of bed at dark o’clock to go watch and photograph hot air balloons at Lake Travis.  The Central Texas Ballooning Association was having a shindig and hundreds of spectators and photographers showed up.  Jim Nix and I met up at Pete Talke’s house and we headed over to the event.  Pete convinced us to go sans tripod and it was a good idea — way too many people around and if you wanted closeups a tripod would have been a hinderance.

I ended up with plenty of decent shots and posted one with Pete in the frame (lower left corner snapping some pics himself).  Below is a shot of Jim (left), me (center), and Pete (right) as we were hanging around waiting for the last balloon to launch later in the morning (it never did…they ended up collapsing it and calling it a day). I love the look on the guy in the lower left corner…

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