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Happy Independence Day!

Love 24mm, f/13, 20s

I wish I had a photograph with some deep meaning behind it (maybe I’ll come up with one tomorrow), but all I have is this shot taken two years ago.  My wife was out of town over the July 4th holiday so I sent this to her.  This was my 2nd or 3rd try — kind of challenging to write backwards neatly in the air.

Hope all my U.S. friends have a great holiday!



Wow.  I never thought that a pic taken while messing around in my driveway would end up on Flickr’s Explore.  The fireworks shot above is already my 3rd or 4th most viewed image (behind a few that Trey Ratcliff retweeted on twitter).

I was a bit under the weather on the 4th and certainly did not want to brave what was supposed to be a crowd of over 100,000 people at the Austin fireworks.  So, we settled for sparklers in the driveway which seemed to satisfy the little ones at least.  I brought out the camera and tripod just for fun — I’d set the shutter for 30 seconds and we’d all run around (carefully of course) and draw in the air.

On a whim I started messing with writing a note to my wife.  Surprisingly, I didn’t have much trouble writing backward but I had to learn the timing.  Go fast enough to finish, slow enough to make it readable.  Of course I could have gotten out the remote and used ‘bulb’ for the shutter but I was just messing around and was too lazy for that.

My daughter would press the shutter release after I lit two sparklers.  I wrote ‘LOVE’ with both sparklers in one hand, then used one in each hand to draw the heart.  Got this one on the 4th or 5th try but I might have worked on making the handwriting neater if I knew more people would look at it 🙂  Pretty fun…Glad everyone likes it.