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Chair Abstract

Chair Abstract 50mm, f/1.4, 1/50s, ISO 200

Just like the kite photo I recently posted, this image is out of the ordinary for me — I don’t shoot many abstract or fine art types of photos.  During the week I picked up my Canon 5D mkii from being repaired [related sad story below] and yesterday got a chance to fully check it out.  I popped my 50mm f/1.4 lens on the body and started plinking.  As I sat at our little breakfast table I opened the lens up completely and started shooting through the rails of one of the chair backs.  There were a lot of colorful things in the background which were nicely blurred by the wide aperture and close focus distance.  I then started shooting while moving the camera up and down, resulting in the image above.  I rather like it.  The image is straight out of the camera except for cropping.

So the sad story is this:  This year I decided to try shooting some pictures at a fireworks show.  I’d never done it — I’d rather concentrate on *watching* the fireworks and it just seemed like a headache overall.  Before the fireworks we attended a BBQ dinner catered by the Salt Lick and as dusk fell I hauled out the camera and tripod and began getting set up.  I put my wireless remote into the cameras hot shoe, put the camera on the tripod, then proceeded to adjust the length of the tripod legs.  I heard a loud crash — my 5D mkii hitting the pavement from a height of about 5 feet.  Looking on the bright side, the camera had turned over on the way down and landed flat on the wireless remote which was in many pieces all around us.  That definitely spared me from the damage I could have had.  The camera “worked” here and there but mostly gave an error.  It would even randomly try to focus the lens — when the power switch was off!  Anyway…a couple hundred dollars later I have my camera back refurbished and sporting a new shutter box and mirror assembly.  I managed to put all the remote pieces together but it was dead as a doornail.

Happy Independence Day!

Love 24mm, f/13, 20s

I wish I had a photograph with some deep meaning behind it (maybe I’ll come up with one tomorrow), but all I have is this shot taken two years ago.  My wife was out of town over the July 4th holiday so I sent this to her.  This was my 2nd or 3rd try — kind of challenging to write backwards neatly in the air.

Hope all my U.S. friends have a great holiday!



Wow.  I never thought that a pic taken while messing around in my driveway would end up on Flickr’s Explore.  The fireworks shot above is already my 3rd or 4th most viewed image (behind a few that Trey Ratcliff retweeted on twitter).

I was a bit under the weather on the 4th and certainly did not want to brave what was supposed to be a crowd of over 100,000 people at the Austin fireworks.  So, we settled for sparklers in the driveway which seemed to satisfy the little ones at least.  I brought out the camera and tripod just for fun — I’d set the shutter for 30 seconds and we’d all run around (carefully of course) and draw in the air.

On a whim I started messing with writing a note to my wife.  Surprisingly, I didn’t have much trouble writing backward but I had to learn the timing.  Go fast enough to finish, slow enough to make it readable.  Of course I could have gotten out the remote and used ‘bulb’ for the shutter but I was just messing around and was too lazy for that.

My daughter would press the shutter release after I lit two sparklers.  I wrote ‘LOVE’ with both sparklers in one hand, then used one in each hand to draw the heart.  Got this one on the 4th or 5th try but I might have worked on making the handwriting neater if I knew more people would look at it 🙂  Pretty fun…Glad everyone likes it.