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A Mysterious Door

The Mysterious Door 10mm, f/3.5, 1/90s

There’s something mysterious behind that door.  Through the translucent window it appears that someone is going to pop out at any moment.  Or maybe there’s a crime being committed — it’s a perfect doorway in which to film a Hollywood crime scene.

This photo was taken last spring in Paris in the general area of Rue Cler (I can’t remember exactly where except that it was between Rue Cler and Champ de Mars).  On every street there were very cool doorways like this and I could have filled an entire memory card with pics of them.  Add a model to this scene and you could do an entire photoshoot.  The architecture in Paris was absolutely amazing.  Ranging from huge structures like the Louvre to “simple” doorways like this there is seemingly no end to these displays of design and craftsmanship.  So cool.

Processing of this image was very simple — basic curves adjustment, slight vignette, clarity, and vibrance adjustment — all done in Lightroom.