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Sweet Home Chicago

On approach to O'Hare Airport...en route to Paris

(Many years ago) I was born on the south side of the Windy City in the Roseland neighborhood.  My family moved to the south suburbs when I was pretty young, then out to a rural area (still close to the city) in high school.  I went to lots of Blackhawks games in Chicago Stadium, Sox (and Sting) games at Comiskey Park, and even managed one Cubs game at Wrigley.  Incidentally, I never made it to a Bears game — haven’t ever been to a pro football game to this day.

I remember watching Stan Mikita, Pit Martin, and Keith Magnuson play for the Hawks.  I loved Sox players like Chet Lemon (when I was really young), Harold Baines, and Carlton Fisk.  I had a home run ball hit by Brian Downing back in the 70’s.  I wasn’t actually at the game and honestly don’t remember if he played for the Sox or the Angels at the time.  I was at the 1983 game where the Sox *could have* clinched the division but they needed a win or loss from someone else so they didn’t clinch until the following night…something like that.  I watched every game of the Bears run up to the Super Bowl in 1985 — what a fun season.  I practically worshipped Karl-Heinz Granitza of the Chicago Sting.

I wasn’t big into autographs but I had Harold Baines, Walter Payton (got that one at the auto show in McCormick Place), and Johnny Morris (got his in the stands at Comiskey Park the same day I got Baines’).

Although I now live in Texas, the rest of my family still lives in the Chicago area and downtown Chicago is pretty much a yearly destination for our family.  We take the Metra in to the Randolph station from the south side, walk the streets, and take in whatever attractions we feel like that visit.  The kids love it.  I haven’t visited since really getting into photography but I’m really looking forward to it.  [Side note: One member of the family lives in Milwaukee but we Chicagoans simply consider that a suburb…those of you from Chicago appreciate this I’m sure]

The picture above was taken as my wife and I were landing at O’Hare en route to Paris.  I grabbed the camera a bit late and missed some better shots but I’m still pleased with this one — reminds me of home.

Suspended in Mid-Air

Lcdr Frank Weisser flies lead solo in Kingsville


I love my Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS lens.  It’s simply awesome.  The only problem with it is that it smells like cigarette smoke in a big way — can’t leave it in the bag or the whole bag stinks.  Oh well, I bought it used, it’s in great shape, and I got a great deal on it.

Lcdr Frank Weisser is the lead solo pilot in the Blue Angels team and is shown above flying in the show at Kingsville NAS in Kingsville, TX.

I captured Lcdr Weisser zooming by with a focal length of 185mm using a shutter speed of 1/1000, aperture of f5.6 @ ISO 100.  I assume (but honestly don’t remember) that I used the lens’ IS panning mode.  Turned out pretty nice.  In fact, the image is amazingly sharp when cropped to view only the cockpit.

Certainly would have been cool to have some blurred clouds in the background to show some of the motion but there’s something nice about the simple blue sky too.