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Say ‘Cheese’!

Cute 40mm, f/6.3, 1/80s, ISO 800

Just plain cute.  I grabbed this while my wife and her sister were trying to get our youngest to smile for the iPhone.  Sometimes these are the best pictures.

Since this is supposed to be a photography blog I can’t leave out the processing…I hit the “Auto” button and did a couple other minor tweaks in Lightroom.  Manual mode, flash bounced off the wall behind the camera.

Shooting The Big Gun…

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A couple of weeks ago I went to the shooting range with two of my sons and one of my daughters.  We don’t get to go often but we enjoy shooting when we can.  While we were at the rifle range a few guys showed up with some serious weaponry, including the Barrett M82 shown above.  I don’t know why anyone would bother to own any .50 BMG but each to his own.  Everyone at the range stopped to watch some rounds being fired out of that gun.  After shooting a few rounds each, the owner turned to all of us and asked if anyone would like to shoot it.  I thought for about 10 milliseconds and said “Ummm, yeah!”.  I offered to pay for the round (about $5 each) but he declined and said that everyone should get one free round.  My son and I each fired off a round as did a couple of others.  Frankly, due to the design of the gun, the recoil was no worse than the .30-06 I was shooting.  What a rush.  My daughter was too chicken to give it a try despite several attempts by the owner to talk her into it.

Later we let one of the guys shoot a few rounds in our lane at the pistol range.  He was shooting a .50 caliber pistol — a Desert Eagle — and let me shoot that one too.  “Hold tight” were his only words 🙂  I couldn’t believe the weight of the gun even with only a single round loaded.  Fun.

I brought the camera along mainly because I wanted to take pictures of my 7-year-old at the range.  We got some interesting shots of my daughter shooting the 9mm too.  It turned out to be nice to have it along for the shot above too (taken by my son).

Just for grins, here’s a link to a post about another fun family (and friends) shooting outing.