Another Cool Cloud

Alien Spaceship Cloud 70mm, f/2.8, 1/90s, ISO100

My daughter happened to notice this cloud the other night and called me out to take a pic.  If I had noticed the storm building up I might have chronicled its development a bit more.

The shot was taken from the end of my driveway (same spot as this one).  The exposure was chosen to expose the brightest portion of the cloud as far as I could without blowing out anything.  In hindsight I’d stop down to f/8 and bump up the ISO to compensate.  Even though I was on a tripod I wanted a fast-ish shutter speed because I was in the bed of my truck (to get a bit of clearance over the trees) and the suspension was moving around with the gusting wind.  Processing was some clarity and curves.

Mike Connell has a better shot of this cloud taken from a different angle here:


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