It’s Time for Pumpkins

Pumpkins 70mm, f22, 1/90s


I have still have no free time for photography.  However, I happen to be sitting in a waiting room most of the day without a connection to work and this affords an excuse to do spend the time writing a post.

It’s the time of year for pumpkins and in preparation for my mom’s annual pumpkin carving and painting bash we took the kids out to the farm to get the goods.  It turned out that this farm was closed for business on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but they had a scale and an honor box to leave you payment.  I like that…

Carts and wagons were available also and the younger kids thoroughly enjoyed pulling them around and filling them with the pumpkins they picked out.  Good times for all!

The pumpkin picture at the top of the post was straight out of the camera with the exception of adding ‘clarity’ in Lightroom and then adding some selective sharpening to the stalks on the pumpkins in Photoshop.  I started down the path of using curves to add contrast but decided it was good as-is.  While messing with curves I was amazed by how much a very slight tweak drastically altered the color in the photo (bright, orange pumpkins being a perfect subject to experiment with).  I’ve known that curves could effect color but hadn’t ever observed it in a very noticeable fashion.  I experimented with changing the blend mode of the curves adjustment layer and that yielded interesting results too.  Fun stuff.


One response

  1. Michael, great shots! Hope to hit a pumpkin patch soon!!

    October 8, 2010 at 3:14 pm

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