Under the UT Tower


Under the UT Tower

Center exposure: 10mm, f11, 1/2s, ISO 100

I didn’t attend the University of Texas but I take advantage of the architecture (by photographing it) on campus whenever I can.  My alma mater (the University of Illinois) has some incredible architecture as well and I can’t wait to do a photowalk there someday.  In general universities have very unique buildings and places which are a joy to look at (maybe that’s why higher ed is so expensive).

Construction of the UT Tower began in 1934 and completed in 1937.  It was originally intended to be used as a library.  Students would fill out a slip requesting a book and it would be sent up via tubes (think bank drive-thru).  Books would be sent down via an 18-story dumbwaiter.  It’s primarily used as office space at the present time.

Rather than present the typical shot of the tower itself I chose this hallway beneath the UT Tower.  It’s a great subject to photograph as there seemingly are a thousand angles and perspectives to choose from.  There are also many unique textures — stone walls with imprints of shells, stone tile floor, wood ceiling.  Hope you enjoy the shot.


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