One Finds the Coolest Things on Photowalks

LET...ME...OUT! (click for flickr view)

Center exposure: 40mm f5.0 1/60s ISO 400

I love photowalks.  Sometimes you find the coolest shots.  Sometimes all your shots are lousy but you have a great time with friends.  Win-win situation I’d say.

Early yesterday morning I went on a photowalk all-by-me-one-sy and on the way back to my car I ran across this scene.  I had actually walked right by it earlier that morning but didn’t notice it.  This little Mini just seems to be growling “LET ME OUT!”.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Processing details…I used photomatix to fuse 3 exposures (I like to experiment with these things).  I did also tonemap the hdr but I preferred the fused image because it was much cleaner.  I used the fused image as my base layer and blended in a layer which contained the center exposure run through Topaz Adjust (to bring out some details and add a bit more saturation).  After that I touched up exposure in some areas, messed with curves, etc.

There was a lot I could do with this image.  The original image was larger — I had an internal debate, gave in to myself, and cropped it 🙂  There was something about keeping more of the driveway and surrounding scene that I liked but in the end narrowed it to the carport/gate view shown here.  The Mini still looks small and cute — like the little kid who thinks he’s SO big and tough.  I also played around with some variations in Lightroom.  One very cool derivative of this image is in a dark monotone which causes the headlights to really stand out — many other things “worked” also.  Maybe I’ll post another version in the future.


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