The Benefits of a Dailyshoot or 365 Project

A Capitol Spring

My daughter and I recently took up the task of doing a daily shooting assignment handed out by the folks at  I’m finding many benefits to this:

– Simple ideas that challenge me to increase my photography skills.
– A project to do with my daughter
– Accountability (sort of)
– Flexibility

Regarding the last point, while I have an assignment so to speak, I don’t *have* to complete it if I’m not interested in a particular one or if other obligations rule the day.  I can put as much or as little effort into it as I’d like.  I usually make a sincere effort to put thought into the idea and execution of an assignment.  This includes thinking about ideas before pulling out the camera.  Sometimes I never get time to actually set up and execute my planned shot and settle for something quick, but I believe that even just going through the thought process grows my creative skills.

Today’s @dailyshoot assignment was to take a photo that illustrates the coming of spring (for those of us in the northern hemisphere).  Immediately upon reading the assignment I knew that I wanted to capture an image with a redbud tree as they are in full bloom this time of year.  Since I had to get up at dark o’clock to help the family get off to Colorado, I decided to head out before the sunrise to work on another photo project I have going.  This brought me near the Capitol so I decided to use it as a backdrop for my redbud shot.  The shot above is one of my favorites and I hope you like it too.

Another favorite shot was from the assignment to make an image of something being made or fabricated.  For a while I couldn’t come up with anything interesting but suddenly I remembered the longbow I had been making.  I arranged the bow and tools on my workbench and sprinkled some of the sawdust around.  I played with different perspectives and compositions.  A friend had loaned my a couple of lights so I even spent time working on lighting angles and balance.  I ended up with a very satisfying shot — I made the bow, and I created the image from start to finish.  Here it is:

The Making of a Longbow

Maybe you should consider some type of dailyshoot/365 project…


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