Shoot Candids…Part 2

We were staying with friends in Rockport, TX this past summer.  As some of us were standing on the second-story porch my wife called out, “Mike, get the camera quick!”.  I quickly captured this shot with our Rebel XT.  It tells of a 19-year-old boy loving his young adopted brother.  The younger brother feels safe walking with his older brother…you get the idea.  It’s a special photo.

Brothers (click to view on flickr)

Sometime back I wrote about capturing candids even when you are posing your subjects.  I also wrote about being ready with the camera.  As I was looking through some old pictures recently, I found myself being reminded over and over to take plenty of candid shots.  These often end up being our family favorites.

Here are a few other candids which have become favorites.  They aren’t necessarily the best technical or artistic shots but they’re personally meaningful because of the moment they captured

Searching... (click to view on flickr)

My son spent hours on this little piece of Rockport waterfront picking up “stuff”.  I have no idea what he was finding but he sure had a good time.  It was very cute to see the intensity with which he scoured the sand.

Friends at the Pass (click to view on flickr)

My wife and I are blessed with a set of very close friends.  Over the summer five couples took a trip to Montana and simply had a blast.  One afternoon we drove to Bear Tooth Pass (see a great image of what we were looking at here in Justin Kern’s photos) and got out to walk around.  I was snapping photos here and there and as I turned back to the group I saw them in this pose.  I said, “Freeze” and took this shot.  It’s one of the images I revisit regularly and it reminds me of a great time with friends.

Shoot tons of photos and you’ll capture some good ones.  Of course, be ruthless when you’re committing them to your hard drive — throw out the junk.  You’ll be glad you didn’t hesitate to click the shutter.


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