The Family Picture

Everyone (I think) likes to show off their family.  Writing about photography gives me a great excuse to put up a family picture.

My oldest son had been gone for several months and was about to leave again so I was anxious to get a family picture with everyone there.  We had scheduled something with another photographer but as the time approached my wife and girls decided they wanted haircuts before getting pictures done.  Yep.  Of course they don’t hop over to the local Supercuts on a whim — they need to schedule appointments a few weeks out.  Long story short, if I wanted family pictures, I had to take them.

I rushed everyone out into the yard for pictures and hurried while taking them.  I went through the trouble of setting up tethered to my laptop but frankly everyone was a bit impatient so I didn’t really make full use of it to check the results as I went.  I’m not happy with the light, the exposure, or the focus.  My family doesn’t understand why I’m not happy with the pictures — they love them.  In the end, that’s what really counts.

Here’s one of the the whole family.  The only editing was a basic “auto-enhance”.



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